Our leadership model is based on Ephesians 4:11-14. Here Paul describes the work of the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. At Restoration Life, Ken & Donna Kessler serve as visionaries among a leadership team consisting of Randall & Trice Hill and Bryan & Angie Kessler.


Ken and Donna Kessler


Ken Kessler is the senior pastor of Restoration Life. Ken and his wife Donna founded the church in 1991. Ken and Donna serve as a team, providing apostolic and prophetic vision to the fellowship. Ken’s gifts include teaching and leadership whereas Donna is very gifted as a prophetic intercessor and teacher.

Ken is also the president of Lifeschool International–a ministry-training center committed to making disciples in the nations of the earth. He travels throughout the world, planting Lifeschool in such places as India, Kenya, the Ivory Coast, and Fiji.

Ken has a passion to equip believers to hear the voice of God and to minister in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. One of his greatest desires is to see the Church prepared as a worthy Bride for Jesus Christ. Ken’s primary ministry goal is based on Luke 1:17: “To make ready a people prepared for the Lord.” Ken is the author of three books, Learning to Hear God’s VoiceUnderstanding Your Inheritance in Christ, and The Worshiping Church.


Randall and Trice Hill


Randall and Trice are an essential part of our leadership team. They oversee the worship team, the youth, and the children. Randall is gifted as a teacher and pastor. Trice is gifted as a prophetic intercessor and in ministering in personal prophecy.


Bryan and Angie Kessler


Bryan and Angie are also an essential part of our leadership team. Bryan oversees the prayer ministry, the outreach team, the pastoral team, and is the vice-president of Lifeschool International, where he helps develop the curriculum and travels to Africa and India to equip pastors and leaders. Bryan is the author of two books, The Zion Mandate and The Pursuit of Christ. Angie is our Operations Manager and is gifted in administration, organization, teaching, the prophetic, and working with children.


Drew and Bethany Kitchens


Drew and Bethany are the worship leaders at Restoration Life. Drew is a very gifted musician and singer. Drew has a God-given ability to move people from the outer-courts of praise into the inner courts of worship. Bethany is also a very gifted singer who moves powerfully in the prophetic song. Together, Drew and Bethany are a precious gift to Restoration Life and they always keep the praise and worship fresh, anointed, relevant, and intimate.