At Restoration Life, we value:

  1. Passion for Jesus;
  2. Purity of heart;
  3. Power in life and ministry;
  4. Partnership with God in the end-times;
  5. Becoming a House of Prayer for the nations;
  6. Anointed praise and intimate worship;
  7. Maturing as a worthy Bride for Jesus;
  8. Our call as a forerunner ministry to prepare the Church and the nations for the second coming of Jesus;
  9. Loving people unconditionally and expressing our love through acts of compassion and kindness;
  10. Restored lives and families;
  11. Developing disciples and leaders in every age group;
  12. Impacting the region and the nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom;
  13. Partnering with God for the prophetic destiny of Israel;
  14. A culture of generosity;
  15. A culture of excellence.